The Rise Of Explainer Videos And The Misconceptions To Avoid

by worldcup .

The fact cannot be denied that explainer videos have become an integral and perhaps one of the most crucial components of online marketing. The explainer videos allow a business to get its message across efficiently and effectively. The use of explainer videos is on rise and businesses are making them more than ever before.

The rise of explainer videos represents the popularity of this marketing genre, however, some misconceptions have also arisen and a business needs to make sure that these misconceptions are not a part of its explainer videos. The lines below discuss those misconceptions briefly.

They Are Not Viral – The first misconception about explainer videos is that they are supposed to go viral. Although going viral seems like a charm, but it is not the objective with which explainer videos are made. They are made with the objective of targeting a specific audience, therefore, if they go viral it means that it has something that is for all the people, which means that it does not target specifically, thus, reducing its effectiveness. Therefore, explainer videos should never be made with the objective of making them go viral.

Answer The Questions – Usually businesses consider explainer videos as product demos where a business explains the product or service it has to offer to the audience. The fact of the matter is that explainer videos should be more focused towards answering the questions of the audience and providing solutions to their problems instead of explaining what the business has to offer. These types of explainer videos capture more audience attention and get popular as well with higher conversion rate.

Keep It Short – People don’t want to see long videos and long videos at some point of time lose their attractiveness as well, therefore, in order to make sure that the right message gets across effectively, a business must keep the explainer videos short and to the point. Give answers to the questions of the audience in the minimum possible time.

In short, explainer videos should not be made to long, neither should they be created with the intent of going viral nor with the objective of demo, rather, they should be short, to the point, and answer the questions of the audience.