Bonus Feature Slots: Public Slotting Service

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There are a lot of new online slots available for online players to play. So many in fact, that many players find it a challenge to find the games and options they prefer. Bonus Feature Slots changes all of this. Bonus Feature Slots is a site that offers online players comprehensive information regarding all things slots. From bonus features to where the best slotting game play is to be found, Bonus Feature Slots has the information slotting enthusiast crave.

Bonus Feature Slots claims to be the largest online website that is dedicated to providing players with information regarding online slots. One look at their page will convince most that this is a true statement. Simply, anything a player would possibly want to know about online slots can be found at Bonus Feature Slots. Players can read reviews on the various types of online slot games available and the bonuses/features that accompany them. The site also offers players informative online venue reviews. Bonus Feature Slots does not leave any area of information concerning online slots unturned.

In fact, one area that most players find themselves surprised at is the number of different bonus options that are available with online slot games. The bonus feature is one example. While these games are fairly similar to classic slots, they do have one telling aspect; they all have an additional method of walking away a winner with the bonus round of play. Naturally, the bonus round comes in many different varieties, nevertheless if a player succeeds in hitting the bonus round they will when more cash and/or prizes.

Bonus Feature Slots lists the following types of bonus features that a player can encounter at gaming venues:

  • 1) 2nd Screen bonus feature – These slots have a second window or box that is separate from the spinning reels. If you hit a certain combination on the reels, you will move to the second window/box.
  • 2) Bonus Spins – These slots reward players with additional free spins once certain spin combinations are achieved.
  • 3) Wheel of Fortune – These types of slots are based on the premise of the popular game show of the same name. Bonuses are awarded by where a spinning wheel lands.
  • 4) Hold Reels Bonus – These slots are similar to video poker in that you will spin the reels once and decide what number (or symbol) you want to keep and then spin again for the final results.

Bonus Feature Slots provides players with a real feel of what they can expect with the various types of slot games they can encounter. In turn, players are less overwhelmed when encountering new games and gaming options.

This information is only a small sample of what Bonus Feature Slots has to offer. This site has a wealth of slotting information that is literally at a players finger tips. With Bonus Feature Slots, players will no longer have to be in the dark with their slotting questions. Bonus Feature Slots has the all the information needed to make slotting decisions less of a challenge.